No Risk No Innovation

19.08.2017 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Ooh, was habe ich mich dieses Jahr auf die Urlaubszeit gefreut. Nach einem ausgesprochen ereignisreichen und stressvollen Jahr mit so vielen intensiven und erfolgreichen Projekten endlich mal richtig ausspannen, Energie tanken, die Beine baumeln lassen … Eine ruhige Kugel schieben wollte ich, sowas mit Sonne, Liegestuhl, Lago Maggiore usw., quasi den alpinen Raum durch weitfokussierende, unscharfe Blicke durchdringen und gleichzeitig ignorieren, den Kopf frei bekommen – bloß keinen Erlebnisurlaub: Aufregung hatte ich schließlich in den letzten Monaten genug gehabt.



Neue Fehlerkultur: 5 Gründe deine Fehler zu lieben

07.08.2017 – Lesezeit ca. 5 Minuten

Kennst du diese kleine Legende, die u.a. Henry Ford zugesprochen wird? Einmal rief der Chef einen Manager zu sich. Dieser hatte eine vorschnelle Entscheidung getroffen und damit dem Unternehmen Schaden zugefügt. Der Manager reagierte im Stile einer öffentlichen Person: „Selbstverständlich übernehme ich die Verantwortung für meinen Fehler und kündige sofort.“ – „Sind Sie wahnsinnig“, antwortete Henry Ford, „wir haben gerade über eine Million Dollar in Ihre Ausbildung investiert!“ „In den USA“, so Prof.



Quick Guide to 3 kinds of Innovation and Drivers of new Business and Art value

11.01.2017 – Lesezeit ca. 6 Minuten

“Is this innovation or can I toss it in the bin?” 10 years ago Steve Jobs introduced the IPhone – how did we manage without It? There was a time when the routine job of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) was mainly incremental innovation. Incremental innovation focusses on improving the company’s existing products and services to secure the market position. Since the digital transformation, innovative processes are increasingly necessary to implement new market value.



Arranged Marriages and Innovation: Why you need the explosive sparking of creative thinkers to the critical analysts!

08.12.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 6 Minuten

Why do hot oil and water explode? Because at the atomic level, the hot excited particles collide but cannot merge. The water immediately boils and flashes in to steam, expanding exponentially outwards (exploding). Let’s compare this to the boiling point of a creative or divergent thinker which is often so much higher than that of a more cautious critical analyst type. An “explosion” is unavoidable when these opposites are forced to cooperate.



Forget Your Car and Kick Start Your Move to Zurich!

16.11.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

Design Thinking and SMIDE – use and share cool E-bikes “You ride and we take care of the rest!” This is the motto of Smide the beta E-bike pick-and-ride project that is blazing through Zurich. The initiative is collecting a trail of user information while learning about the mobility habits of Swiss urbanites! Smide is a Bike Free Floating pilot project now servicing Zurich. It is planned to run for 2 months.



Digital Storytelling – 5 Things You Need to Know (in 5 Minutes)

20.10.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 5 Minuten

In today’s overflowing world, how can new tech tools create visual stories that entertain and grab your customers’ attention? How can businesses leverage these tools with the right content to surprise, incite and create compelling experiences for their potential users? How can you make digital stories that are alive with experiences, relevant and vivid? The title of this JCP blog post #Digital Storytelling is also the title of the pocket-sized book by Dieter Georg Herbst and Thomas H.



How Does Apple Make Us Love Their iPhones? The Role of Empathy in 5 minutes.

29.09.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 5 Minuten

Why are certain people better listeners than others? What is it about some of your friends that makes you want to talk with them when you’re feeling down? What quality do those special friends offer, who easily create a safe spot, a shoulder to cry on? A space to share what’s on your mind and in your heart. Maybe they offer a consoling word or two. Or say nothing at all.



What Comes Next? Holacracy, Self-management and Self-organisation at Work

01.09.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 6 Minuten

Employees as entrepreneurs The Press jumped on the story and it went viral, globally. Zappos the first company to successfully sell shoes online lost more than 18% of their work force in 2015! This happened after implementing yet another dimension of operational restructuring. This particular restructure dismantles flat hierarchies even further into circles of interacting role-based pools. Control is achieved by distributing power to the individual in the teams. There are no job titles or no managers to report to.



Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Radical Creativity of the Gorilla Girls!

18.08.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

Creativity has many faces. Everyone can access their creativity to help solve problems, see different perspectives and feel more confident about trying new things. Creative minds are open (and messy!) and want to shape the world around them. Enabling your confident creativity lets you make the most of your experiences and be prepared to learn from mistakes as part of the process. But what about artists? Visual and preforming artists whose self-expression and probing minds create works of art that make us rethink who we are and what we stand for?



What You Never Knew About Introverts!

28.07.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

Have you heard of Susanne Cain’s Quiet Revolution?

While doing some research for our book, I came across her intriguing work; Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Ms Cain is an activist, bestselling author, a former corporate lawyer and a self-described introvert. She claims that 13 to 12 of the population, or one-out-of-two or three people you know, are introverts!  That’s huge! A kind of quiet minority!



Are You Ready for the Father of Radical Transparency? Who this guy is and how he eliminates the pitfalls of Groupthink

14.07.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

Groupthink is the enemy of innovation. If everyone in the team agrees in order not to offend others. Or because it is too threatening to think independently, then you have lots of mediocrity. Why “killer phrases” kill motivation Sometimes Groupthink is mistakenly cited as the reason that brainstorming doesn’t work. This is not the case. One of the brain storming rules is to defer judgement. This means to postpone or put off judging ideas until a later stage.



Der Island-Effekt – 3 Dinge, Die Wir über Teamarbeit Lernen Können

04.07.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Waren Sie auch so überrascht, als der Fußballzwerg Island das Favoritenteam aus England im Achtelfinale aus dem Turnier der Fußball Europameisterschaft geworfen hat? Aber warum war die halbe Welt eigentlich so erstaunt? Nach welchen Maßstäben hat man denn im Vorfeld beurteilt, welches wohl das erfolgreichere Team sein würde? Der Isländische Trainer sagte nach dem Spiel: „Wir haben wegen unserer Teamleistung gewonnen.“ Aber was genau meinte er damit? Klar, das englische Team ist gespickt mit erfahrenen Profis, technisch besser, taktisch erfahrener und, und, und.



How the French Artist Fernand Léger Uses “Harassment” to Make Monumental Art

16.06.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 9 Minuten

“Let us take the time in this fast and ever-changing life which harasses us and tears us to pieces; to have the strength to remain slow and calm. To work outside the elements of disintegration that surrounds us. To comprehend life in it slow and calm sense. The work of art requires a temperate climate in order to develop fully. In this heightened tempo which is the law of life, to determine fixed points to hold onto them and to slowly work on the achievement of the future”



“For a Better Day” or The Shape of Things to Come

02.06.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Our JoinCreativePeople book project is no longer just an idea or project. Like something to talk about at cocktail parties … but a many interviews later, we have a book blueprint with a table of contents, a publishing contract (with the mid-sized, distinguished publisher Schäffer-Poeschel) and even a deadline for turning in the manuscript (October 1 – ouch!).



Why I Learned to Love My Messy Mind

26.05.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

My mind leaks. No, gross stuff does not drip out! But according to creativity scholar Scott Barry Kaufmann, leaky sensors mean that some brains don’t filter out as much irrelevant stuff from their surroundings as others. Distraction is a result. And now the real surprise: these distractions can actually help inspire more creative insights. In the meantime, scientists have shown that creative thinking does not come more from one side or the other of the brain (the myth of right/left brain division!



Partyspaß Digitalisierung

12.05.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Wenn das Gespräch auf einer Party das Thema Digitalisierung streift, dann wird es so richtig lebendig unter den Gästen. Denn natürlich hat jeder eine qualifizierte Meinung dazu, was die Ver-Smart-phonung mit uns allen heute und in Zukunft anstellen wird. Fragt man Bill Gates, dann kann „die digitale Revolution die Zeit verfügbar machen, in der Menschen Wichtigeres tun können“. Und von Angela Merkel hört man, dass „wir die Möglichkeit für ein digitales Wirtschaftswunder haben.



5 Reasons to Take Your Brain on a Trip

28.04.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Vacation or holiday just around the corner? Great! Most of us love to travel – a change of food, different people and colorful places – gives us time to savor aspects of life that we often don’t have time for. Travel can help to broaden our minds, rejuvenate our spirits and might even help increase intercultural understanding. But did you know that scientists are beginning to look more closely at how spending time elsewhere could affect mental activities like creativity and cognitive flexibleness?



Try Change with Simplicity Biscuits

24.03.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Was denkst du: Wie viele Worte liest man am Beginn eines Textes bis man entschieden hat, ob der Text für einen selber persönlich relevant ist? What do you think? How many words do you need before you decide if it is worth it for you to continue reading?? Twitter tweets are only 140 characters, so they have to be compact. Not long ago, I listened to an educator/scientist/TV host Neil deGrasse Tyson on Harvard Business Review talk about the change in his Twitter message strategy.



Wertschätzende Wörter

17.03.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Wie toll! Vielen Dank, Beate Pöpsel, für die anerkennenden Worte. Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, dass Coaching Kollegin Beate Pöpsel auf unseren Blog aufmerksam gemacht hat. Die Art, mit der Beate ihre Anerkennung für unsere Arbeit ausdrückt passt ganz zu ihrer wertschätzenden Haltung! Nicht umsonst empfehlen wir Sie weiter bei allen Themen rund um berufliche Kommunikation. Check it out here: Lesenswert: Das Blog Hier ist Beate’s Text über joincreativepeople.



Fremdschlafen: Vertrauen ist gut, Airbnb ist besser!

25.02.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

DLD16 Airbnb spricht mit Wired Magazine. Billingual Introductions in German and English. Video is in English (3min). Es gibt ja wahrscheinlich im Moment kein Thema, das kontroverser diskutiert wird, als in der eigenen vertrauten Umgebung fremde Menschen aufzunehmen. Zumal wenn dies die eigenen 4 Wände sind! Was hat sich Airbnb nur dabei gedacht, ein solches Konzept auf dem weltweiten Markt anzubieten? Nun, während in anderen Zusammenhängen das Aufnehmen von Fremden von großem Misstrauen begleitet ist, scheint es Airbnb gelungen, eine Atmosphäre des Vertrauens zu schaffen.



How to Survive the Heat in Silicon Valley, Be Global and Have Fun

04.02.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

“17 years in Silicon Valley” as a small progressive product design business, “is a really long time”, admits ZURB head and Chief Instigator Bryan Zmijewski. Company headquarters is located about an hour outside of San Francisco, close enough to catch the buzz but not to be too distracted by the VC discussions over lunch. We drove into Campbell for our interview on a sunny, hot Californian day and became quickly entranced by the stunning ZURB building as well as the amazing working space that the ZURBians inhabit.



If Only You Were French, Male and Dead – Joan Mitchell

14.01.2016 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

What is the connection between creative confidence and artists’ work? Artists have unleashed their creative potential, act upon it, and establish the basis for creative confidence. In our JCP blog, we write about finding and living creative confidence in our lives and at work. About using creativity as a perspective-changing dynamic. Fact is: we all have it and we can activate it to grow, learn and solve problems. The difference here is that artists use it often as a catalyst to express themselves and make art work of power and beauty.



Auf der anderen Seite der Welt – und doch zuhause?

24.12.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

Beyond bias: Opening to human connection in Brazil Whether it’s at work or in our free time, many of us would love to learn how to be creative. But “thinking different” is not something we really get taught in school but often it is what happens when we open ourselves to new experiences. Experts suggest “openness to experience” is the number one thing to cultivate for personal meaningful creativity. What that means is constantly challenging yourself beyond your comfort zone, questioning assumptions, being intellectually curious and appreciating beauty.



A Peek Under Our Skirts: Behind the Prototyping MOOC

10.12.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

What happens when two busy DesignThinking professionals (Karla, Pia and later Astrid) sign up for an IDEO Design Kit course on prototyping? This accredited NovoEd MOOC (Mass Open Online Course) ran for 4 weeks, international teams participated and completed assignments which were then uploaded onto the course social platform. We were intrigued by the setup of the multi-channel MOOC and wanted to try it out first hand. Yes, it was a rush – but in the end a totally inspiring experience!



Fast and Furious – Don’t Fall in Love With Your First Try! Perfect Rapid Prototyping?!

19.11.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

As a Design Thinking facilitator, I love the enthusiasm that is fired up when teams start building their prototypes! SO much creative energy is generated – fast and furious. SO many teams want to add loving details to their objects, skits or digital mock- ups. They even become a little possessive. These are often the same participants, who want to explain to the testers or potential customers the intention or meaning of their prototype and how to use it.



Essentials of a Growth Mindset

05.11.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 7 Minuten

What makes people tick, grow and want to learn? Carol Dweck’s TEDTalk was called the one of best in this list of the 10 best TEDTalks to view instead of going to business school. We’d like to share with you part of our interview with this amazing Stanford psychologist on the links between creativity and a growth mindset, read on below.



Sucht die Hütten, Stürmt die Konzertsäle!

20.10.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 5 Minuten

We feel very honored to have our first guest JCP blog text written by the composer Markus Schönewolf. He explores the necessities of poetic stillness in our fast-paced sophisticated world. From Handel to Mahler, Schönewolf takes us on a short and profound journey across artistic genres to his creative source of inspiration and its role in musical composition. Along the way, besides fascinating with philosophic sentiment and analysis, Schönewolf makes an excellent case why focused listening enriches both the minds and the attention spans of the young “swiping” generation.



Designing Sustainability: It Is Not About Bamboo Versus Plastic

29.09.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

We met with Prof. Nathan Shedroff in his office at the California College of the Arts. He is among other things, the game-changing author of many books, initiatives and the Chair of the Design MBA programs. This  Design MBA program, now eight years strong, continues to be one of the best business degrees for innovation in the world. It offers new ways of integrating the learning of pragmatic skills with outside projects and working with real companies and organizations headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What follows is an short texted excerpt of our fascinating 2.5  hour recorded interview with Nathan the Professor, Philosopher, Businessman and Visionary!



Links oder Rechts—das ist hier die Frage!

17.09.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Man soll ja seine Gewohnheiten öfter mal ändern, aber das wird einem langjährigen Aldi-Stammkunden gar nicht so leicht gemacht. Wer nämlich gefühlt seit Anfang der Zeitrechnung den Einkaufsladen auf der rechten Seite des Gebäudes betreten hat und linksherum, also gegen den Uhrzeigersinn, eingekauft hat, der ist ja vollkommen verloren, wenn er plötzlich bei Lidl die Eingangstür auf der linken Seite nehmen und nun mit dem Uhrzeigersinn, also rechtsherum, shoppen soll. Linksherum oder rechtsherum einkaufen, das ist natürlich kein Zufall: Der Rechtshänder fühlt sich – psychologisch gesehen – linksherum einfach wohler, weil seine starke Seite dann die Außenseite ist.



Busted! Your Car Knows You’ve Been Drinking!

08.09.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Not only does the digital transformation bring massive changes in the way we live and work but the interconnectivity of man and machine will change how we behave.



Just us BarCamp Volunteers posing for a group picture in the summer rain!

07.09.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 1 Minuten

What an amazing time in Hamburg! I think these self-organising grass-roots events are a great way to be collectively creative, share and learn from others.

Few Confessions of an UX BarCamp Volunteer

28.08.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

I really had no idea what I was in for when I signed up to help out at the UX BarCamp in Hamburg. I naively assumed that since entrance is free (for those lucky enough to get a ticket – sold out almost immediately!), the “camp” would take place in some fancied-up, hole-in-the-wall somewhere in nowhere. Astonished, I rang the bell at a chic, new, glass and stone building tucked into a side street in Hamburg Altona.



The Big Secret of Change

20.08.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Why is it so hard to change? Try something new? Or just get out of routine? Sure, routine gives us security and it is safe. But why is it that some people don’t stress change as much as others? This summer we talked with Prof. Carol Dweck of Stanford University. Prof. Dweck and her team have been studying people’s learning behavior towards change for many years. She wrote the bestseller Mindset in which she describes how a simple idea can make all the difference.



Wow—We’re Thrilled: A Comment from Jacky Who Reads and Likes Our JCP Posts!

13.08.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 1 Minuten

Wow—We’re Thrilled: A Comment from Jacky Who Reads and Likes Our JCP Posts! Dear Karla, love your new initiative! Congrats and best wishes for the journey! It certainly is high time for ideas like this – transformation guidance at its finest. Looking forward to your next posts. Lol, Jacky Jacky O. Crawford   Hi Jacky, Love your comment – Thanks much for taking the time to tell us what you think.



Making the American Dream Come Alive: French Passion in Silicon Valley

06.08.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 5 Minuten

In Menlo Park, a quiet neighborhood in Silicon Valley, Christophe has made his home away from Lyon into his own quiet retreat. The space reminds us of a mediation studio complete with Buddha statues, subdued lighting and low furniture. Guests are invited to remove their shoes when entering. Still, it is a technologically sophisticated space with a strong Wifi, hidden sensors and electrical plugs in almost every corner – but no television.



Bases Loaded with Creative Confidence

30.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Angel’s Stadium, Anaheim, southern California The invitation to the Angels vs. Rangers came as a total surprise! German Marty was totally jazzed since he’d never been to an American baseball game before…and what an exciting game! On this July afternoon, the crowd flowed through the hot sun towards the stadium. Lots of fans wearing red Angel hats and tee-shirts. After a beautiful live rendition of the American national anthem complete with fireworks, a rushing waterfall and a video film showing the fighter jets and excerpts of US constitution, wow – any German history teacher would call this a kind of “American dream” visualization.



Nachhaltigkeit – Wenn Welten aufeinander prallen

27.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Mit der Kamera meines iphones der 5. Generation versuche ich das Gebäude der Conrad Rice Mill in New Iberia (Louisiana, USA) komplett auf einem Photo einzufangen. Meine Güte, was prallen hier gerade unterschiedliche Welten aufeinander während ich den Blickwinkel der Linse mit der Sonneneinstrahlung abstimme. In meiner Hand eines der großen Wunderwerke moderner Technik, eine elektronische Allzweckwaffe, Fotoapparat, Telefon, Navigationssystem, eine vollständige Kommunikationszentrale aus Silikon und Kunststoff. Das Objekt in meiner Linse hingegen eine 100 Jahre alte Südstaaten-Reismühle, bei der die Zeit vollkommen stehen geblieben zu sein scheint.



User Experience (UX) – Wie gestaltet man eine besondere Erfahrung?

17.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Ooh, das ist eine der entscheidenden Fragen in unseren Interviews mit Prof. Barry Katz (IDEO) und mit Prof. Nathan Shedroff (CCA) gewesen. Denn es ist nicht nur eine der maßgeblichen Fragen für alle Unternehmen, die ein Produkt oder eine Dienstleistung anbieten. Sie ist es auch in jeder Beziehung, oder?

Was braucht jemand anderes in einer bestimmten Situation, was ist hilfreich für ihn, was erfreut ihn, was löst ein Problem für ihn, was begeistert ihn?



Zuhause in Kalifornien bei der Bestseller Autorin von „Selbstbild: Wie unser Denken Erfolge oder Niederlagen bewirkt“ Carol Dweck

17.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Ooh, das ist eine der entscheidenden Fragen in unseren Interviews mit Prof. Barry Katz (IDEO) und mit Prof. Nathan Shedroff (CCA) gewesen. Denn es ist nicht nur eine der maßgeblichen Fragen für alle Unternehmen, die ein Produkt oder eine Dienstleistung anbieten. Sie ist es auch in jeder Beziehung, oder? Was braucht jemand anderes in einer bestimmten Situation, was ist hilfreich für ihn, was erfreut ihn, was löst ein Problem für ihn, was begeistert ihn?



Wandering Through the Gardens of the High and Mighty Google

16.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Okay, the high and mighty Googlers never did respond our JCP interview request. We got over it. And besides we were in the Mountain View neighborhood, so we drove by the Google HQ for a glimpse of the world’s most influential company. Our expectations were high. We were also expecting more tour buses to be parked in a row near the complex. There was only one. What a pleasant surprise that no one asked us for ID, as we wandered into the large, open environment.



A Most Informative and Amusing Talk with Professor Dr. Barry Katz

14.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Meeting with prominent people tends to be exciting. Especially since you have spent much time preparing the logistics of the interviews and trying to formulate questions that dig a little deeper without being too nosy. Our talk with the amazing Barry Katz was scheduled at 11.30 on a bright Monday morning and at that time, we were stuck in traffic on the Bay Bridge. When we finally arrived 45 minutes late at IDEO in Palo Alto, we were SO relieved that he still had time for us.



3 Sobering Reasons Not to Write a Book in New Orleans!

13.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Although the playwright Tennessee Williams wrote several of his best works while living in the Big Easy, aka New Orleans, our recent trip there has us thinking otherwise. It is very hot and humid and difficult to focus on anything besides staying cool. There are no book stores. We asked the concierge at the large Riverwalk mall where we could find a bookstore. Nothing in central New Orleans. She wanted to send us over the Mississippi River to one of the only remaining Barnes and Nobles bookstores in the region.



Am Congo Square im Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans

10.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Schon öfter habe ich den Spruch „Back to the roots“ verwendet, manchmal fast wie einen abgenutzten Slogan. Aber am 5. Juli 2015 habe ich erlebt, was diese Worte wirklich meinen: in New Orleans, am Congo Square, bei über 80 Prozent Luftfeuchtigkeit und einer Temperatur von über 30 Grad – im Schatten, als eine ganz in weiß gekleidete Frau plötzlich an mir vorbei ging. Sie steuerte auf eine Gruppe von afroamerikanischen Musikern zu, die im Schatten einer uralten Eiche rhythmische Patterns trommelten und dazu sangen.



Der Join-Creative-People-Ansatz

07.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 4 Minuten

Unser Blickwinkel PEOPLE

Persönliche Identifikation, intrinsische Motivation, Gesundheit und Freude an der Arbeit zeigen, dass aus der Perspektive PEOPLE der Mensch im Mittelpunkt einer dynamischen Organisation steht. Für seine Begeisterung und die Entfaltung seines kreativen Potenzials braucht es Vertrauen, wertschätzendes Feedback und einen lernenden Umgang mit Fehlern. Der Mensch ist der entscheidende Eckpfeiler einer modernen Innovationskultur.



Dynamische Unternehmen

06.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Eine große Zahl mittelständischer Manager in deutschen Unternehmen weiß, dass es bedeutender Veränderungen und Innovationen bedarf, um im Zeitalter der digitalen Transformation die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit des eigenen Unternehmens zu sichern. Wir stellen aber fest, dass sich bislang nur eine sehr geringe Anzahl dieser Führungskräfte tatsächlich auf den Weg gemacht hat, die notwendigen Entwicklungen konsequent anzugehen. Die entscheidende Frage lautet also: Wie kann man diese Situation verbessern? Unsere neuartige Konzeption JoinCreativePeople gibt eine ganze Fülle von wertvollen neuen Antworten auf diese Frage.



San Francisco, Ideo, Stanford Uni – JCP Interviews

03.07.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

The bags aren’t packed and we are really not ready to go – but we’re tremendously excited to have set up interviews with a number of innovative thinkers, experience designers, creativity experts and game changers indigent to Silicon Valley. During our stay, we’ll be meeting and asking questions to probe for more understanding of concepts in order to extract relevant insights for German business people who are ready to design value for the future.



Unser Buch JoinCreativePeople

25.06.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

Als wäre so ein Buchprojekt nicht schon aufregend genug, all die neuen Impulse, all die kreativen Ideen, all die Interviews mit namhaften Personen und natürlich die Kunst des Schreibens, es ist ein großartiges Projekt. Und mit den vielen neuen beeindruckenden Ideen, die wir haben, fühlt es sich manchmal so an, als wäre man auf einer bedeutenden Mission unterwegs – und wahrscheinlich sind wir das auch!



Design Thinking Meet Up Cologne-Sülz

18.06.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 1 Minuten

Carolin and I, together with a small group of participants of the HPI Deep Dive in Potsdam in March, were so enthusiastic about what we learned, the potentials of Design Thinking, and its future that we’ve decided to start a meetup in Köln. We meet once a month to discuss issues and practical uses of designing experiences, creativity and innovation in business and education. We had a blast getting all excited about what we’ve read, challenges in our workshops and thinking about improvements.



Tom Kelley, David Kelley: “Creative Confidence” | Talks at Google

24.05.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

How might companies unlock their employees’ creativity? A short summary of the YouTube film with David and Tom Kelley speaking with Frederik G. Pferdt Head of Creativity and Innovation at Google: How can change begin at the organizational level, so employees can use their creativity? It begins from the top down. Allowing employees to experiment. Starting little brush fires. Hoping that they grow on and catch together. The mass or habits too often suppress the ideas before they have a chance to catch hold.



We not me: 5 Important things to remember so your brainstorming works!

04.05.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

It’s true that brain storming has a bad reputation. Sometimes the group dynamic erupts in something called Group Speak and this blocks or hems the individual creative performance. Sure, there are times it might be better to work on your problem alone, with no one interrupting your train of thought. Yet, there is no denying that collaboration yields far greater results than individual thinking. This kind of collaboration is the result of co-creation – where we engage, interact, and build on each other ideas.



Why it‘s easy to be creative and what you can do about it

10.04.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Do you remember gluing noodles to a picture frame as a Mother’s Day present? Every kid was creative without thinking about it. As a grown-up, creativity is one of those things that everyone has an opinion about -sadly it is often black or white. Either you‘re creative or you aren’t. This has been shown by countless studies not to be true. What is correct is that everyone – and I mean everyone – can be creative.



Experimenting – we just did it!

29.03.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 3 Minuten

Let’s start with a question. When do you decide to act on your convictions? At what point, does your passion take over and you just start; dig in and begin? I’m not exactly sure when this point was with our book project, but at some point we decided, kind of a mutal gut feeling –  this is it. We’re convinced we’re on to something here. We want to share these ideas in a bigger way. We’re going to write a book  – just do it. Get feedback and revise and do some more!



Ideas that matter – Join Creative People

17.03.2015 – Lesezeit ca. 2 Minuten

The easiest way to blog about deep stuff i.e. meaning. The big question – what to write, what to paint, what to create? Too often bloggers don’t know what to write about. There are tons of how-tos on tons of subjects. Sometimes useful, sometimes wacky. Lots superficial. Here’s our take on this; we are all busy people. If you take the time to read this, then we want to make it worth your while.