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Karla Marie Schlaepfer

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“professional, focused, engaging” Systemic coach, speaker, book author and change management and agile design thinking expert

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Karla Schlaepfer Design Thinking facilitator, Systemic Coach
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Karla Schlaepfer creative innovator, enables you to build creative confidence
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#Koblenzer E-Learning-Tage & DINI-Zukunftswerkstatt 2019 zum Thema „Agile Lehr- und Lernformate“ vom 14.–15. Juni 2019

Was heißt agiles Arbeiten im akademischen Bereich und auf welchen Werten und Prinzipien basieren eine agile Kultur und die entsprechende Haltung an Hochschulen?

Innovation isn’t about a setting up a new department. It starts to happen when you make it a valued customer-centered part of the way people think, work and interact every day. Find out how to practice innovation with agile methods, principles and mindset. I work at intersection of design thinking and systemic coaching to encourage teams and individuals to develop creative solutions that customers need and love. Radical customer focus is the beginning of every new story.