Karla Schlaepfer

Karla Schlaepfer

Innovation Enabler, agile Design Thinking, Systemic Coach

“Very professional, highly prepared, stellar experience, she thinks outside the box."


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Enable to you become the innovative leader people want to work with.

She is a book author, speaker and executive & team developer. For legals too.

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Karla Schlaepfer Design Thinking facilitator, Systemic Coach
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Karla Schlaepfer creative innovator, enables you to build creative confidence
Design Thinking creative materials for innovative prototyping
Karla Schlaepfer Design Thinking professional for New Work strategies
Design Thinking Workshop with interdisciplinary teams
“Happy to do business! Karla creates a respectful and effective working atmosphere in her workshops!”

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Innovation isn’t about a setting up a new department. It starts to happen when you make it a valued customer-centered part of the way people think, work and interact every day. Find out how to practice innovation with agile methods, principles and mindset. I work at intersection of design thinking and systemic coaching to encourage teams and individuals to develop creative solutions that customers need and love. Radical customer focus is the beginning of every new story.


What is Design Thinking? How do you learn more about this agile innovation process?


Take a look at my e-book “Design Thinking? What you always wanted to know!

More than ever we need new answers. In our “VUKA” world, many agile methods promise recipes and simple success. This is tempting but deceptive. Design thinking is different; more diverse and interdisciplinary. It is a flexible team process that combines a systematic approach with creativity in order to understand human needs and implement specific solutions. Used together with empathic research, Design Thinking convinces in the development of new and convincing user-focused solutions.