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New: Agile Mindsets Video
Secrets of Highly Successful Groups
Design Thinking Flash and Keynote Inspired by Lego Serious Play!
4 Ways to hack your own creativity
Everyone deserves technology they can trust
Effecting Change in the Legal Profession with Design Thinking


Das dynamische Unternehmen
Fit for the Future of Law?
Design Thinking Sprint Deutschlandradio Userlab
I’m delighted to be part of the team that facillitates a Design Thinking Sprint in Deutschlandfunk!
This is a basic and fundamental tenet in Design Thinking
Courage is the accumulation of small steps*
Design Thinking Meet-Up at the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft


Design Thinking Meet-up
Unser Besuch der Frankfurter Buchmesse
Design Thinking meet-up Cologne
Quick Guide to 3 kinds of Innovation and Drivers of new Business and Art value


Arranged Marriages and Innovation: Why you need the explosive sparking of creative thinkers to the critical analysts!
Forget Your Car and Kick Start Your Move to Zurich!
Digital Storytelling – 5 Things You Need to Know (in 5 Minutes)
How Does Apple Make Us Love Their iPhones? The Role of Empathy in 5 minutes.
What Comes Next? Holacracy, Self-management and Self-organisation at Work
Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Radical Creativity of the Gorilla Girls!
What You Never Knew About Introverts!
Are You Ready for the Father of Radical Transparency? Who this guy is and how he eliminates the pitfalls of Groupthink
How the French Artist Fernand Léger Uses “Harassment” to Make Monumental Art
“For a Better Day” or The Shape of Things to Come
Why I Learned to Love My Messy Mind
5 Reasons to Take Your Brain on a Trip
How to Survive the Heat in Silicon Valley, Be Global and Have Fun
If Only You Were French, Male and Dead – Joan Mitchell


Auf der anderen Seite der Welt – und doch zuhause?
A Peek Under Our Skirts: Behind the IDEO.org Prototyping MOOC
Fast and Furious – Don’t Fall in Love With Your First Try! Perfect Rapid Prototyping?!
Essentials of a Growth Mindset
Designing Sustainability: It Is Not About Bamboo Versus Plastic
Busted! Your Car Knows You’ve Been Drinking!
Just us BarCamp Volunteers posing for a group picture in the summer rain!
Few Confessions of an UX BarCamp Volunteer
The Big Secret of Change
Wow—We’re Thrilled: A Comment from Jacky Who Reads and Likes Our JCP Posts!
Making the American Dream Come Alive: French Passion in Silicon Valley
Bases Loaded with Creative Confidence
Wandering Through the Gardens of the High and Mighty Google
A Most Informative and Amusing Talk with Professor Dr. Barry Katz
3 Sobering Reasons Not to Write a Book in New Orleans!
San Francisco, Ideo, Stanford Uni – JCP Interviews
Design Thinking Meet Up Cologne-Sülz
Tom Kelley, David Kelley: “Creative Confidence” | Talks at Google
We not me: 5 Important things to remember so your brainstorming works!
Why it‘s easy to be creative and what you can do about it
Experimenting – we just did it!
Ideas that matter – Join Creative People