Legal Revolution Frankfurt

“The Legal ® Evolution has what it takes to become the regular gathering for the legal tech scene”; this is what one legal expert concludes in the video linked below. For me, as it was a great opportunity to try out new agile formats like the Design Thinking for Legals with Dr. Martin Lücke and an ultra-short Design Sprint 2.0 workshop – which I did twice. And both times we were able to align interdisciplinary teams, change perspectives with new tools and an agile mindset. Great feedback from forward-looking legal professionals who want to think flexibly, engage and get results fast.

Kudos to the makers of the Legal® Evolution Expo! They are building on the success of the past two years and expanding an international conference that appeals to many with a wide variety of high-quality offerings, superb speakers and panels discussions - and even daring to throw in an experiment or two.

The stats: LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress ist Europas größte Kongressmesse für Anwaltskanzleien, Rechtsabteilungen und Compliance-Abteilungen. Am 4. und 5. Dezember 2019 im Kap Europa in Frankfurt a.M. erwarteten die 1.200 Teilnehmer 70 Aussteller, 50 Vorträgen und Panels, 15 Workshops und 100 Coachings und das neue Legal World Café.

Watch this short video (1.5 minutes) and get an impression of the dynamic Legal Revolution!

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