Legal Tech Lab + Design Sprint 2.0Uni Köln

What it takes NOT to brainstorm and still solve problems together! really fast

Creative. constructive. effective. A Google Design Sprint and a Design Sprint 2.0 is all of this. But a Sprint is just not doable in 90 minutes. But the Sprint-like exercise, the Lightning Decision Jam is. This so-called “Jam” is a super useful exercise to let participants feel how a Sprint works and get results. We jammed at the Uni Köln with the Legal Tech Lab people and some friends. We used a real challenge that provided take-away value and actionable take-aways for the young law students.

This kind of working together can be used to solve any problem without unstructured discussion. This means, no discussion except clarification. This is one key to success and part of the method according to AJ + Smart Berlin. But I was skeptical. What about the freedom of discussion? Isn't this taking away people's right to express themselves?

And at first, this does feel strange. But in fact, it works. Really well.

Agile Lightning Decision Jam with the Legal Tech Lab at the Universität zu Köln

This LDJ exercise was created by AJ&Smart as an easy way to make faster decisions and find quick directions. It's inspired by the core principles of the Design Sprint:

In the feedback, people mentioned how much they liked seeing and reading other answers. They felt quite aligned and that there was a sense of transparency throughout. Not urgency but efficiency. Not one legal student mentioned missing the lack of discussion. Go figure!

The last step of the 8 step process was to use an Impact and Effort scale to determine which of the final answers were to be developed and carried out.

Happy people with new insights. And quite possibly more Sprint-working in the near future.

Moderatorin Karla Schlaepfer Agile Lightning Decision Jam with the Legal Tech Lab at the Universität zu Köln

Thanks to the Legal Tech Lab Cologne and to AJ+Smart for this inspiring flexible brain work-out!
Karla Schlaepfer