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“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Hi, I’m Karla Marie and I’ve disrupted my life repeatedly. The change from living in California to a permanent move to Germany many years ago was a big one. I still cling to my passion for peanut butter and longing for fresh salsa. What’s still American about me? Maybe my sparky playfulness, my work ethic and optimistic attitude towards active problem solving. The trick is to try a lot, to prototype enough to get on the right course. As an innovation and creativity expert and systemic coach, I lead you on the path of experimentation. This means less fear. I enable you discover what is needed to encourage innovative behavior and to help grow people’s ability to solve problems in new and creative ways.

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Our world is changing fast. A mere 10 years ago smart phones exploded into our lives. We are living in an era of accelerating disruption. My communication and executive coaching skills are combined with 25 years of experience in corporate and leadership training and in higher education. I use proprietary tools to identify what you need to foster innovation in your business or legal field. And strategies to bolster creative confidence, collaborative work in teams in order to make products and services that clients´ truly value and love. I can show you what you need to invest and how to practice user-focused innovation with Design processes, strategies and mindset.

Our business environment today requires not only a dynamic mind-set, agile practices and shapeable spaces where individuals thrive; but environments where people feel motivated to take on responsibility and have the autonomy to find new and better answers. Where people begin to use skills like mindfulness, empathy, network thinking and re-framing. Design Thinking is an agile process that uses these skills to identify emotional and functional needs. It is a robust method. It can be used to develop company culture or to find empty spaces waiting to be filled in making something for which a market may not yet exist. Whatever context it is used for the, the focus is on solving complex problems from a “human-centered” perspective. Combining these solutions with digital tools open new horizons and user-experiences. I design individual workshop formats and collaborate with a network of digital experts and designers to help you find and apply these solutions.

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As the author of a new book, “Design Thinking? Frag mich was!” and co-author of the book published by Schäffer-Poeschel “Das dynamische Unternehmen. Wie Wertewandel, Innovation und Digitalisierung zum Erfolg führen”, I use insights gained in interviewing experts in Silicon Valley, Germany and Switzerland to forge my own proprietary change concepts. These concepts and other elements from communications and positive psychology form the basis of my framework for mindful innovation and mindset change. In this, there is always a perspective shift. This shift can be lived to change personal values and beliefs. Or to ignite a radical focus on the customer experience. Or one that helps create new forms of working organizations where digital and innovative ways of working are valued, recognized and people love what they do.

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