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New Work, Innovation, agile Mindset, Design Thinking and Design Thinking for Legals. As a certified and experienced Change manager, Design Thinking and systemic coach (INeKO Institut an der Universität zu Köln), I facilitate workshops, consult and coach to help people thrive as creative change makers and strong leaders.

We’ll work together to understand needs, work out creative solutions and more mindful innovation.

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Design Thinking Workshops and Sprints


Design Thinking is an innovative process that approaches even complex problems systematically and creatively. With this dynamic approach and its systematic application, you can start to craft new, user-based solutions for today’s VUKA world.

If you want to use Design Thinking to solve a problem, the first thing you ask is not about feasibility or profitability, but rather about the solution: What does my user need? What can I help him with? How does she or he experience the situation/product? There is no single, simple answer to these questions. That's why the first Design Thinking pioneers in the 1970s and 1980s decided: multidisciplinarity instead of isolated specialism. The idea behind it is actually quite logical and sounds almost banal today, an innovation is all the more likely to be successful the more it takes into account the various facets of the problem and the user's needs. Consequently, it is the combination and collaboration of different expertise and perspectives in teams that produce innovative solutions.

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Design Thinking Light

Design Thinking Smart

Design Thinking Transfer or Design Sprint (5 consecutive days)

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New Work, Mindful Innovation and Creativity Workshops


Mindful Innovation

In times of rapid change and complexity, innovation requires the ability to recognize what is really going on in the minds of customers, employees and stakeholders. And this without distraction and misdirection by our own quick biases.

But how can new things really come into the world when knowledge overload, habitual thinking, over-critical behavior and the fear of mistakes are always in our way?

Mindfulness helps us to leave given paths and to recognize creative ideas with fresh beginner spirit, to experiment courageously and to learn from failures.

My training combines mindfulness with the call for more innovation in companies. It frees you from the critical inner autopilot and enables completely new actions and ways of thinking.

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Creativity Workshops

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What can I do for you as a certified systemic coach and change manager?

In my one-to-one coaching, I can help you to discover your individual lever for change. What is it that really matters and what you need to set that motivating internal “why” into successful action.

Leadership development, mental coaching, personal clarity and satisfaction.

Leadership begins with self-leadership. Management begins with self-management. I can help you create opportunities get to know yourself better, identify and understand internal barriers, and use this understanding as a basis to develop your potential.

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Team Development and Coaching


My understanding of team coaching is one that considers the individual as the best expert for him/herself. Within the group that learns to become a team, individuals strive to treat each other with respect, communicate honestly and at eye-level. This results in a great deal of trust in the team's ability to organize itself and take on new roles. Indeed, this has proven to be a particularly successful way of unlocking the potential of individuals and teams and thereby transforming visions into new innovative products and services. The self-responsibility and self-organization of the team increase the motivation of the team and its performance.

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Inhouse Keynotes


Keynotes can be held in German or English!

My message is inspiring, engagement with the audience high and my visual delivery compelling.

Here some possible topic examples:

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Die kreativen Regelbrecher

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