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All of the workshops can be held in German or English.

Innovation, Creativity, Design Thinking and Legal Design Thinking: As a certified and experienced design thinking and systemic coach (INeKO Institut an der Universität zu Köln für die Entwicklung personaler und interpersonaler Kompetenzen), I facilitate workshops that help people thrive as creative change makers and leaders.

We’ll work together to understand needs, jumpstart innovation and work out new solutions.

You’ll get professional quality and dependability without the agency price tag!

Design Thinking Workshops


Design Thinking is an innovative process that approaches even complex problems pragmatically and yet with inspiration. With this dynamic approach and its systematic application, you can start to craft new, user-based solutions for today’s digital world.

Learn to change your mindset – start small but start!

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Design Thinking Light
Design Thinking Smart
Design Thinking Transfer or Design Sprint (5 consecutive days)
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Innovation and Creativity Workshops


An update in digital thinking? Radical customer focus? A hack in your work organization and routine? Future work? My agile innovation workshops are customized for you and your company’s needs.

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Individual Systemic Coaching


As a certified systemic Coach (2013 INeKO Institut an der Universität zu Köln für die Entwicklung personaler und interpersonaler Kompetenzen).

In my one-to-one coaching, I help people to discover their individual lever for change. What is it that really matters and what they need to set that motivating internal “why” into successful action.

I can help you create opportunities get to know yourself better and develop your potential.

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Team Development and Coaching


I can help you to create a team culture of dedicated players who collaborate to innovate. This kind of team can kickstart change your company culture.

My team coaching uses my own branded diagnostic and coaching tools based on my studies and my book research in positive psychology and neurobiology.

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Inhouse Keynotes


My message is inspiring, engagement with the audience high and my visual delivery compelling.

Here some possible topic examples:

  • Leading Innovation with Design Thinking
  • Digital Leadership - What are the new challenges?
  • Creative Management, why this is essential and what you should know.
  • Art and Innovation: Disruptive companies break the rules, move the boundaries and become role models for new ideas. Artists have done this for centuries. Download a sample.
  • Traps of Perfectionism with a quiz to test how much of a perfectionist you are!

Keynotes can be held in German or English

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Open Workshops


1) Design Thinking Smart and Innovation

Are you interested in a public Design Thinking event in German or English? These one-day SMART workshops takes place with a minimum of 6 participants. Maximum number is 12 in order to ensure lots of individual attention and time for your questions.

Get qualified professional input and Design Thinking practice! This workshop includes my branded handouts, 20-page field guide, set of 15 Design Thinking guideline cards – all in German. Also included are prototyping materials and a photo documentation with workshop highlights.

Just like in my in-house Smart Workshop for businesses, you’ll experience the entire 6-step Design Thinking process in just one dynamic day. Our design challenge or problem to be solved is a general people problem or a topic that everyone can relate to. You’ll learn how to apply the Design mindset, principles and what to do and why in the different Design Thinking phases. It’s a fun and exciting way to learn new skills that you can apply to your work and life. In all workshops we test, measure and learn.

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2) Design Thinking for Legals

Exclusively for those in the Legal and Tax professions. In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the the Build-Measure-Learn concept which is at the heart of the design process. As a participant, you’ll develop prototypes and beta versions. You’ll learn what questions to ask and how to measure how your stakeholders use your new legal tech tools. You’ll establish new understandings of clients needs from a holistic perspective. Disrupt yourself with new learning curves, legal tech and take the steps to the next level in designing new digital strategies for the future of your legal or tax practices. Get in touch for more information.

See my article for the Legal Evolutionary e-magazine “Legal Design Thinking in Action”.

Design Thinking Workshop for Legals—this is what you will do!
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